by Brandon Butler
2021: The Year of No Emoji 4/10/2020

Ashley Carman at The Verge, breaking tiny emoji hearts, writes:

The pandemic is even affecting emoji. The Unicode Consortium, the group behind emoji releases, announced today that it’s delaying its version planned for 2021, meaning that devices won’t receive new emoji next year and instead will get a release in 2022. The good news is that the emoji that were announced earlier this year, like the olive, beaver, and plunger, will still be available this fall. Unicode says the delay is happening because it relies on volunteers who are currently overwhelmed dealing with the pandemic.

It’s silly to be so disappointed that we won’t be getting new emoji during a massive global pandemic that has killed over a hundred thousand people and put millions out of work, but it’s little joys like new emoji that allow us to take a break from the daily grind of numbers and words. Breaks are important — even the silly yellow ones. 😢