by Brandon Butler
82 Percent of Americans Do Not Want Theaters to Reopen Now 5/5/2020

From Dan Balz and Emily Guskin at The Washington Post, with the headline “Americans widely oppose reopening most businesses, despite easing of restrictions in some states, Post-U. Md. poll finds”:

The opposition expressed by sizable majorities of Americans reflects other cautions and concerns revealed in the survey, including continuing fears among most people that they could become infected by the coronavirus, as well as a belief that the worst of the medical crisis is not yet over.

Where were all these sane, rational people during the 2016 Election?

The Post-U. Md. poll asked about the following types of businesses: gun stores, dine-in restaurants, nail salons, barbershops and hair salons, retail establishments such as clothing stores, along with gyms, golf courses and movie theaters.

The most significant opposition is to reopening movie theaters, with 82 percent of Americans saying they should not be allowed to open up in their state.

Of course we should keep the theaters closed. We have a near-infinite amount of TV and movies to watch at home, and the home movie experience is far superior to the theater experience. Stay home, rent and stream, pause the movie whenever you gotta pee, and don’t get sick.