by Brandon Butler
Amazon’s new HQ looks like the poop emoji 2/3/2021

Jacob Kastrenakes for The Verge:

Amazon has unveiled the design for the next portion of its Arlington, Virginia headquarters, and one building stands out far from the rest: a swirling glass tower covered in trees that rises to a point above the rest of the city’s skyline. Amazon calls the building “the Helix” because its corkscrew shape is supposed to take inspiration from “the natural beauty of a double helix.”

It also — it must be said — bears a distinct resemblance to the swirling poop emoji, though with some healthier colors mixed in.

Look at that rendering. And you’re telling me that no one at Amazon saw this and thought, “Poop emoji.” Seriously?

Fun fact: “Poop Emoji” was never considered as the name of this website.