by Brandon Butler
Amazon’s new Luna game streaming service isn’t a native iOS app 9/24/2020

Jessica Conditt at Engadget:

Luna is what happens when you take the subscription model of Prime Video, mash it up with Twitch, plug that into Amazon Web Services, and wrap it all in an Alexa-powered gamepad. In short, Luna is Amazon’s cloud gaming platform, and the latest rival to Microsoft’s xCloud and Google’s Stadia. It goes live in early access in October, subscriptions start at $5.99 a month, and players in the US can sign up today to receive an invite via Amazon. […]

With Luna, Amazon has discovered another way to circumvent Apple’s App Store fees. Luna is a progressive web application (PWA), which means it’s actually a browser-based program masquerading as a native iOS app. You’ll download the PWA from the Luna website, and the resulting icon on your iPhone’s home screen will function like a shortcut to Amazon’s cloud gaming portal on the web. 

Wow, if this is actually playable, I’ll be really impressed. You know what doesn’t impress me? Amazon’s Fire TV Stick, which is constantly stuttering when playing Prime movies. Yeah, movies from Amazon’s streaming service, playing on Amazon’s streaming device, stutter every ten minutes. It’s super annoying. I get why Amazon makes and sells it — it’s a $30 super cheap device to get people to watch and buy Prime movies, but I also think it’s wrong to sell such a terribly underpowered device. But I digress. If Amazon can pull off a streaming web app on the iPhone, and allow me to play a game like Control with no lag? Yeah, I’d probably pay $6 a month for that.

So Microsoft, Sony, Google, and Amazon all offer streaming gaming options now. Who’s next?