by Brandon Butler
Apple is Doomed, Posts Biggest Quarter Ever 1/28/2020

Jason Snell at Six Colors on Apple’s recent holiday quarter:

Apple announced that its calendar 2019 holiday quarter (the first quarter of its fiscal 2020) was its all-time best in terms of revenue, with a total of $91.8 billion, with a $22.2 billion profit. The company beat its estimates for the quarter, and in news that will cheer Wall Street, estimated that it will generate between $63 and $67 billion in revenue next quarter, a sign of further growth to come.

On a follow-up post, he notes the iPhone 11 outsold the two Pro models every single week of the holiday quarter, that Wearables has seen 12 straight quarters of growth, and that the Mac and iPad were both down a few percentage points year-over-year. Clearly, doomed.

Also of interest: the full transcript of Appleā€™s conference call with financial analysts. (Juicy tidbit from the call: 75% of Apple Watch customers are first-time Apple Watch owners. Incredible. I mean, doomed.)