by Brandon Butler
Apple is now rejecting apps using Fingerprinting to track you 4/1/2021

John Koetsier for Forbes:

Apple is rejecting updates to apps that conflict with its new privacy policies in iOS 14, signaling that it is now getting serious about privacy enforcement. And, likely, that iOS 14.5 is close to being released, since that’s the version of iOS 14 in which Apple will require apps that want to track users to display the App Tracking Transparency prompt and get user permission. […]

Adjust [the creepy company you’ve never heard of that makes the tracking software -B.B.] says that it is trusted by “over 50,000 apps” on its website, and according to AppFigures, 18% of the apps on the App Store and 11% of the apps on Google Play that use attribution providers use Adjust.

And now zero percent of apps on the App Store use Adjust, and good riddance.

Device fingerprinting, sometimes called probabilistic attribution, uses a large amount of data about a device to identify it. A measurement company might, for instance, collect data on software version, time since last system update, time since last restart, location, time zone, and more: even things like battery status, charging level, and amount of disk space.

One down, but this is just endless wack-a-mole until Congress wakes up.