by Brandon Butler
Attorney General Barr Asks Apple for the Impossible, Yet Again 1/14/2020

From Katie Benner for The New York Times, after Apple said no to the FBI, Barr is now asking Apple to break into encrypted iPhones:

Mr. Barr turned up the pressure on Apple a week after the F.B.I.’s top lawyer, Dana Boente, asked the company for help searching Mr. Alshamrani’s iPhones. Apple said that it would turn over only the data it had, implying that it would not work to unlock the phones and hand over the private data on them.

Apple’s stance set the company on a collision course with a Justice Department that has grown increasingly critical of encryption that makes it impossible for law enforcement to search devices or wiretap phone calls.

The way the government continues to ask Apple to unlock iPhones implies a total lack of understanding of the technology, but really this is just a massive push to scare the public, as if having backdoors somehow makes us safer from “the terrorists“. This is an old scam, as Bruce Schneier wrote about in 2005. If anyone has the budget for a massive marketing campaign to push back against this propaganda, it’s Apple.