by Brandon Butler
Biden leads in the popular vote by over 4 million while the Electoral College awaits the results of a few thousand 11/6/2020

Multiple news outlets (NYT, CNN, Fox, AP) are reporting that former Vice President Joe Biden has taken the lead in Pennsylvania and is projected to win the state, claiming the 20 electoral votes to put him over the 270 needed to win the election.

Of course, while we’re watching this election be decided by a few thousand votes in a few states, Biden won the popular vote days ago: as of Friday morning, Biden has received 73,912,247 votes to Trump’s 69,797,449 votes — a difference of 4,114,798 votes! (NYT data as of 9:00 am PST.) (Update: On Friday night, Biden became the first presidential candidate in US history to receive 75 million votes.)

I’m not the first to say it (and those who know me have heard me say it before) but America needs to eliminate the Electoral College. When we do, elections will be far easier to understand, and states will be incentivized to have everyone vote. As it stands today in many states, when someone says “my vote doesn’t matter,” it’s hard to refute that! It makes it difficult to tell someone in Wyoming that their vote for Biden was important if these four million voters are essentially being “ignored” while we wait for a few hundred more votes to be counted in another state.

The failures of the Electoral College have allowed presidents who lost the popular vote to put five of the nine currently serving Supreme Court Justicies on the bench: Barrett, Kavanaugh, Gorsuch, Roberts, and Alito. This means that most laws and legal decisions, such as marriage equality, gun control, abortion, healthcare, and potentially any attempts to abolish the College, in the hands of the minority vote. And so of course there are strong attempts by these aging and increasingly less popular parties to maintain their grip on the Electoral College, as it’s the minority’s best chance to maintain control of the majority.

Public opinion is for abolishing the Electoral College, but as we’ve seen with public opinion being in support of gun control, healthcare, and a woman’s right to choose, the Electoral College is very good at suppressing majority public opinion. The majority are very close to actually being in power again, and with another chance to take the Senate in 2022, there’s some glimmer of hope that the majority could actually make the decisions in this country again. Let’s make the right ones.