by Brandon Butler
Biden wants everyone in America to have broadband access and lower bills in a decade 4/1/2021

Jon Brodkin for Ars Technica:

President Biden’s plan to connect all Americans with high-speed broadband includes proposals to boost competition, build more publicly owned networks, lower prices, and prioritize “future-proof” networks instead of ones that would quickly become outdated. In other words, the plan includes some of the broadband industry’s least-favorite ideas and is sure to meet fierce resistance from cable and telecom lobby groups and Republicans.

Biden’s $100 billion broadband proposal is part of the American Jobs Plan described by the White House in a fact sheet released today. The broadband details released so far are a bit vague, and the plan could be changed in Congress, but there’s a lot to like for Internet users.

Biden’s entire American Jobs Plan is good. Definitely read the fact sheet for yourself.

My sister moved recently and didn’t want to deal with Comcast for service and asked if there was anyone else she could sign up with, and I had to tell her no, because the US has allowed the industry to monopolise so severely that for many people, there is no competition in their area. The day Comcast has to actually start providing decent customer service is the day they go out of business.

Brodkin is already reporting that the Cable lobby says it hates Biden plan to expand broadband and lower prices. Comcast charges $50/month for 20 Mbps down and 2 Mbps up.