by Brandon Butler
Big Sur has a rocky launch 11/13/2020

Samuel Axon and Lee Hutchinson for Ars Technica:

Mac users today began experiencing unexpected issues that included apps taking minutes to launch, stuttering and non-responsiveness throughout macOS, and other problems. The issues seemed to begin close to the time when Apple began rolling out the new version of macOS, Big Sur—but it affected users of other versions of macOS, like Catalina and Mojave. […]

It didn’t take long for some Mac users to note that trustd—a macOS process responsible for checking with Apple’s servers to confirm that an app is notarized—was attempting to contact a host named but failing repeatedly. This resulted in systemwide slowdowns as apps attempted to launch, among other things.

Apple didn’t have the smoothest launch of Big Sur, but I think this is possibly due to the anticipation and excitement of Big Sur. This is a whole new version number and a huge visual overhaul of macOS — and don’t forget Apple sold more Macs last quarter than ever before, so the install base has increased significantly.

Of course, it could also be due to a single point of failure on Apple’s end and the fact that we don’t technically own our computers and Apple could theoretically send a kill switch to disable your Mac whenever they chose (and Microsoft and Google can do just the same).

But probably the new version number.