by Brandon Butler
Bob Iger joins a milk startup 10/21/2020

Jonathan Shieber for TechCrunch:

Bob Iger, the chairman and former chief executive at Walt Disney, is trading his mouse ears for milk substitutes as the new director of massively funded dairy replacement startup Perfect Day.

Milk substitutes are a $1 trillion category and Perfect Day  is angling to be the leader in the market. Iger’s ascension to a director position at the company just affirms that Perfect Day is a big business in the big business of making milk replacements.

From Wikipedia:

To produce whey and casein proteins from non-animal sources, Perfect Day bioengineered microflora to include DNA sequences that instruct the cells to produce proteins that are conventionally found in cow’s milk. The microflora are then grown in fermentation tanks where they convert a carbohydrate source such as corn sugar into flora-based dairy protein.

I’ll be honest, I don’t follow the dairy replacement industry as closely as I follow, say, Spider-Man, but if Bob Iger is involved I think it’s worth a cursory glance.