by Brandon Butler
Brand New Disney World Skyliner Crashes and Breaks 10/10/2019

The six day old Disney World Skyliner, a massive version of the Skyway from Yesterday, suffered some “unscheduled downtime” (as Disney likes to call it) following a crash on Saturday evening. No one was injured but guests were left hanging over Epcot for hours while rescue crews used cherry pickers to individually evacuate stranded riders. Cast members instructed guests to use emergency kits with water and baggies for waste. (Ah, geez.) Disney is looking into the cause of the malfunction and the ride is down indefinitely.

I’m not sure how Disney reassures anyone the Skyliner is safe and fun to get back onto. Sure, no one was hurt, but being stranded for three hours in an oven hanging 30 feet in the air isn’t my idea of a good time. I’m not sure I’d have riden the Skyliner before all of this, but now I’ll never get on it.

Why didn’t Disney take that money and use it to expand the Monorail system? The Monorail is an iconic piece of Disneyland and Disney World transportation. And it’s much faster than a horizontal gondola. If I have to travel, I’d rather travel in a Monorail. But instead we have the Skyliner, broken in less than a week.