by Brandon Butler
Camp Whadahelliswrongoverthere 4/27/2021

Casey Newton for The Verge:

Interviews with a half-dozen Basecamp employees over the past day paint a portrait of a company where workers sought to advance Basecamp’s commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion by having sensitive discussions about the company’s own failures. After months of fraught conversations, Fried and his co-founder, David Heinemeier Hansson moved to shut those conversations down.

”In the end, we feel like this is the long-term healthy way forward for Basecamp as a whole — the company and our products,” Fried wrote in his blog post.

Several employees, though, are already making their exit plans.

That company sounds internally like a disaster. Like it’s run by two people who are more concerned with making it look like they’re in charge when really the inmates are running the asylum. (But be careful criticizing Fried and Hansson, they have a massive fanboi following on Twitter who will correct you for being “wrong”.) I’ve been considering moving Pizza Emoji email to their Hey email service once they allow domain hosting, but I’ve read and experienced enough about these two that I don’t feel like I want to support whatever the hell is going on over there.