by Brandon Butler
China’s Mass Surveillance Systems Can Detect People with a Fever 2/7/2020

Speaking of a mass surveillance state, Yingzhi Yang and Julie Zhu reporting at Reuters on China’s surveillance systems at work during the coronavirus outbreak:

Chinese have long been aware that they are tracked by the world’s most sophisticated system of electronic surveillance. The coronavirus emergency has brought some of that technology out of the shadows, providing the authorities with a justification for sweeping methods of high tech social control.

Artificial intelligence and security camera companies boast that their systems can scan the streets for people with even low-grade fevers, recognize their faces even if they are wearing masks and report them to the authorities.

China doesn’t need your cell phone’s location data, they can visually identify people based on facial recognition, and if you have a face mask they can identify you further based on body imaging. China can even detect individuals with a fever with thermal cameras on the street.