by Brandon Butler
Comcast raises prices, enforces data caps as pandemic escalates 11/27/2020

Karl Bode for Vice:

Comcast has decided that the middle of an economic and health crisis is the perfect time to impose costly and unnecessary new restrictions on the company’s broadband subscribers. […]

Comcast’s usage cap FAQ doesn’t even try to justify the restrictions because there’s no technical reason for them to exist. Independent studies, telecom executives, and even leaked Comcast memos have for years made it clear that usage caps aren’t technically necessary to help ISPs manage network congestion.

“It’s worth remembering that data caps have nothing to do with congestion or capacity constraints,” EFF lawyer and telecom expert Ernesto Falcon told Motherboard earlier this year.

Instead, he noted such restrictions offer telecom monopolies an easy way to jack up monthly U.S. broadband bills, already some of the most expensive in the developed world. ISPs also exploit caps anti-competitively, often by exempting their own streaming services from such restrictions while still penalizing users that use third-party services like Netflix.

That’s what you get for allowing an obvious monopoly to go unchecked for a few decades.