by Brandon Butler
COVID-19 effects on lungs, heart, brain 9/30/2020

Caitlin Owens for Axios:

Scientists are racing to learn more about the damage the novel coronavirus can do to the heart, lungs and brain.

Why it matters: It’s becoming increasingly clear that some patients struggle with its health consequences — and costs — far longer than a few weeks.

The list of potential, long-term health effects is not short: the lungs — causing breathing problems; the vascular system — causing stroke, atherosclerosis, myocarditis, or heart attack; neurological symptoms — stroke, brain hemorrhage, and memory loss. And just from six months of short term study. Axios concludes with:

Even if we manage to get the coronavirus under control, whether that’s through a vaccine or behavior modification, we’re probably going to be dealing with its effects for a long time.

We should really rename COVID-19 to the Trumpfluenza. I mean, he does like to put his name on the stuff he imports from other countries.