by Brandon Butler
Disney apparently shows off a working lightsaber but won’t reveal it to the public 4/8/2021

Rachel Leishman for Collider:

At an “A Special Look Inside Disney Parks” press conference, Disney has reportedly shown off a working lightsaber. While Disney will supposedly not be showing off photos or videos of the new device, Josh D’Amaro, Chairman of Disney Parks, Experiences and Products is said to have pulled the lightsaber out of small box and stated “it’s real.”

The patents floating around social media today are from several years back. As far as I can determine, only D’Amaro, the Imagineering team that built this, and whoever was at the press conference today are the only people who have actually seen this laser sword. There are no photos or videos — yet — of this thing. But there are surely some people working in Photoshop right now to earn those sweet, sweet internet points.