by Brandon Butler
Disney reveals their working lightsaber (but it’s just a toy) 5/4/2021

Disney has posted a YouTube video promoting their upcoming Galactic Starcruiser immersive two-night vacation experience — but you’re really just clicking that link and watching the 13-second video to see that “real” working lightsaber — but it’s still just made of plastic.

The lightsaber is “real” insofar as it’s a real toy with a real plastic glow-y blade that actually extends up from the hilt, but it’s less amazing than I was imagining. Maybe that’s my own fault.

It’s still pretty neat, and the working theory on how it works is basically a retracting tape measure in reverse: the plastic blade (so think more silicon/rubber) rolls up inside the hilt and a small motor is able to extend and retract it.

Do I still want one, knowing it’s just a plastic/rubber toy? Yes.

The Galactic Starcruiser experience lifts-off next year from Disney World.