by Brandon Butler
Disneyland Ticket Price Now Over $200 for One Day Park Hopper During Peak Times 2/12/2020

The LA Times and Micechat have the news on the annual ticket price increases for Disneyland going into effect today:

Months after Disneyland opened the biggest expansion in its history, the Anaheim theme park raised ticket prices Tuesday, pushing the cost of some one-day passes above $200 for the first time. Prices of annual passes and the digital MaxPass climbed too.

If you want this mythical $209 single ticket, you’ll need to buy a one-day park-hopper adult ticket during a peak (usually summer) day. This is part of the new five tier pricing scheme, which means the Mouse can nickle-and-dime another ten bucks out of you whenever they’re feeling like it. In my opinion, the Park Hopper ticket is a bad purchase; there’s more than enough to do in one park for the entire day. If you have only one day and know exactly what you want out of both parks, then go crazy. But most people, visiting for multiple days, don’t need it. MaxPass also went up to twenty bucks, which is really too much for what it offers. Remember, you don’t get to skip the line, you just get to stand in a slightly shorter line. The Signature and Signature Plus annual passes each jumped $50, to $1200 and $1450, respectively. In you’re a SoCal resident, this is still the best deal, as you get free parking on every visit — otherwise it’ll cost you a crazy $25 to park on each trip.

Can we also talk about the Churros costing $4.75 now? I don’t know when that price jump happened, but five bucks for some fried dough and sugar seems downright criminal. I feel like if you’re paying $209 for a one-day ticket, you should get unlimited Churros as a bonus.