by Brandon Butler
Facebook employees upset over missing snacks 9/24/2020

Casey Newton for The Verge, ‘Mark in the Middle‘:

For years, Mark Zuckerberg has faced criticism that Facebook is bad for democracy.

Employees want him to take a harder line against the Trump Administration. His user base wants him to do the opposite.

In a summer’s worth of leaked audio recordings obtained by The Verge, you can hear Facebook’s CEO trying to hold the center.

In 2020, Facebook would be roiled by a global pandemic, internal protests over racial injustice, a deeply polarizing election, and the ongoing threat of multiple state and federal investigations into antitrust and privacy. But on the morning of July 16th, Mark Zuckerberg found his workforce asking for something else: their missing office snacks.

A major sell to candidates is our office perks include free food, read the question, which had ranked near the top of questions asked that week in an internal poll. And now, with work from home, we’ve lost a huge financial part of our package. What is the plan on this?

This is probably the clearest look I’ve seen at how Facebook operates and functions. The best part of this are those internal recordings Newton was able to get: The Verge has ingeniously embedded a play button next to the quotes, so you can actually hear Zuckerberg answer the questions in his own voice. This is really an outstanding piece of reporting and an outstanding use of the web, something a traditional newspaper or book could never do.

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