by Brandon Butler
Facebook onionphilia 10/20/2020


If you look at a photo of onions, you’ll most likely just see onions. But Facebook apparently sees them differently, and has told a St. John’s business its onions are too risqué for advertising on the site.

Jackson McLean, a manager at Gaze Seed Company, said the business was unable to advertise its walla walla onions on Facebook after the company told them the picture on the seed’s packaging went against Facebook’s advertising guidelines.

“We got notified the other day that it’s an ‘overtly sexual image’ that they had to ban from the site,” McLean said Monday. “I guess something about the two round shapes there could be misconstrued as boobs or something, nude in some way.”

The article has a photo of these “overtly sexual onions” that is making some reviewer at Facebook all hot and bothered. I’m personally not turned on by a bowl of onions, but Facebook, don’t let anyone tell you that onionphilia is wrong. Except for me. I’m telling you, it’s wrong.