by Brandon Butler
Facebook Willfully Allows Climate Change Misinformation on their Platform 6/25/2020

From Emily Atkin at Heated, ‘Facebook creates fact-checking exemption for climate deniers’:

Facebook is “aiding and abetting the spread of climate misinformation,” said Robert Brulle, an environmental sociologist at Drexel University. “They have become the vehicle for climate misinformation, and thus should be held partially responsible for a lack of action on climate change.”

Brulle was reacting to Facebook’s recent decision, made at the request of climate science deniers, to create a giant loophole in its fact-checking program. Last year, Facebook partnered with an organization, Science Feedback, that would bring in teams of Ph.D. climate scientists to evaluate the accuracy of viral content. It was an important expansion of the company’s third-party fact-checking program.

But now Facebook has reportedly decided to allow its staffers to overrule the climate scientists and make any climate disinformation ineligible for fact-checking by deeming it “opinion.”

Disgusting. The fossil fuel industry behind this bullshit intends to use Facebook’s platform to spread misinformation to the pubic, all in the guise of “opinion.” This is Mark Zuckerberg at it again; he just doesn’t seem to give a shit about society or our planet. How anyone can use his website, knowing what we know about him, baffles me.

Atkin goes onto explain how this occurred (spoiler: Zuckerberg’s an douchebag) and how Facebook’s fact checking is supposed to work. A well written although maddening report of one of the largest social media platforms willfully ignoring climate scientists and allowing the spread of bullshit.