by Brandon Butler
FBI Accessed Data on a Locked iPhone 11 Pro Max with GrayKey 1/17/2020

Thomas Brewster at Forbes reports that, after all that song and dance from Barr and the FBI, they don’t need Apple’s help breaking into iPhones:

Questions are being asked about the FBI’s motivations over demanding Apple help it unlock the iPhones of the Pensacola shooting suspect, after Forbes uncovered a search warrant that strongly indicates the feds have access to a tool that can grab data on the latest, and most secure, iPhones.

Last year, FBI investigators in Ohio used a hacking device called a GrayKey to draw data from the latest Apple model, the iPhone 11 Pro Max. […]

Senator Wyden’s office told Forbes it has asked the Department of Justice to explain why it is making public demands for backdoors if it has already used the tool to access the newest iPhones.

It’s not like Barr had any credibility before this news came out, but if this is true it really hurts the Government’s case that they need backdoors. The iPhone 11 Pro is only three months old and it’s already susceptible to a GrayKey? We don’t need weaker encryption, we need stronger encryption.

John Gruber at Daring Fireball has a good roundup of GrayKey links for additional background and context.