by Brandon Butler

Here are some of the biggest original features from Pizza Emoji:


Pizza Emoji’s One Year Anniversary

Pizza Emoji Logo and Confetti

For Pizza Emoji’s first anniversary, I thought I might ask you for your help. I promise it won’t cost you a dime and it might save someone’s life.

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The Last of Us Part II Review

Ellie with a pipe, The Last of Us Part II

Sequels are never what we want. We think we want a part two, but as is so often the case, the sequel is a disappointment. And we’re partially to blame for that disappointment: we spend months and years speculating and envisioning all the ways we want that sequel to play out, the character arcs, the settings, the major and minor story points. But in The Last of Us Part II, Naughty Dog takes Ellie into such a grim and cruel place that I struggled to find anything redeeming about the character or story by the end of the game. This wasn’t the version of Ellie I wanted to spend my nights and weekends with, and I’m upset by this terrible journey Ellie’s been on and everything that’s been taken from her.

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iPad Pro (2020) and Magic Keyboard Review

iPad Pro, Magic Keyboard, and Hummingbird

But then there are apps and experiences, like Procreate with the Apple Pencil, that I could never have on the Mac. I’ve always been able to draw with a #2 pencil or a cheap office pen, but the iPad Pro and Apple Pencil have reignited the artistic spark in me that I thought I’d lost back in high school. There are moments where I’ve doubted my decision to buy this iPad and all of its accessories. I could have waited a year and bought an ARM based Mac in 2021 and probably been very happy. When I have these doubts I pull the iPad Pro off the magnetic keyboard and do something that the MacBook could never do: draw on the screen, or lay in bed and read comics, or sit on the floor and play games, or go to the park and browse the web with my iPad’s cellular connection. You don’t need the Magic Keyboard or even an iPad Pro to enjoy these experiences, because this is where iPadOS shines, when it does Just One Thing.

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A Brief History of Spider-Man in Cinema

Spider-Men Maguire, Holland, and Garfield

Spider-Man has been a popular comic book superhero since he first appeared in Amazing Fantasy #15 in 1962. Created by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko, Spidey has been web swinging on the pages of comics and newspapers, in cartoons, television shows, movies, video games, amusement parks, and even on Broadway. This post attempts to catalog Spidey’s first 50 years on the big screen, including behind the scene struggles to produce films, his imprisonment within Sony Pictures, and what the future holds for our friendly neighborhood Spider-Man.

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The Blue Shell: The Worst Item in Mario Kart

The Blue Shell on Rainbow Road

There’s no single item in Mario Kart that can equalize two players of unequal driving skill, at least not one which will be fun and fair for both players. A racer who knows the tracks, knows the shortcuts, and knows how to drift is at a massive advantage before the race even starts. The design team of Mario Kart 64 attempted to fix a problem with the original Super Mario Kart by designing an all new item. They failed. Later iterations of the series have continued to try and continued to fail to fix the Blue Shell, because this isn’t an item that can be fixed.

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