by Brandon Butler
Federighi Talks iPadOS Cursor 5/11/2020

Matthew Panzarino at TechCrunch talked with Craig Federighi about the new cursor support in iPadOS:

“There was a process to figure out exactly how various elements would work together,” Federighi says. “We knew we wanted a very touch-centric cursor that was not conveying an unnecessary level of precision. We knew we had a focus experience similar to Apple TV that we could take advantage of in a delightful way. We knew that when dealing with text we wanted to provide a greater sense of feedback.”

“Part of what I love so much about what’s happened with iPadOS is the way that we’ve drawn from so many sources. The experience draws from our work on tvOS, from years of work on the Mac, and from the origins of iPhone X and early iPad, creating something new that feels really natural for iPad.”

And the Apple TV interface didn’t just ‘inspire’ the cursor — the core design team responsible works across groups, including the Apple TV, iPadOS and other products.

The team at Apple really nailed cursor support on iPadOS. Like I said in my review last week, I wasn’t sure if I was going to like the way to cursor morphs into buttons, but I immediately loved it. I love being able to switch between the trackpad and the screen to whichever is closest/most convenient or right for the task. The trackpad gives me another way to interact with the iPad, but it’s a big one.