by Brandon Butler
Fighting COVID together and with science 11/10/2020

The Biden-Harris Transition Team have released their seven point plan for beating COVID:

Ensure all Americans have access to regular, reliable, and free testing.

Fix personal protective equipment (PPE) problems for good.

Provide clear, consistent, evidence-based guidance for how communities should navigate the pandemic – and the resources for schools, small businesses, and families to make it through.

Plan for the effective, equitable distribution of treatments and vaccines — because development isn’t enough if they aren’t effectively distributed.

Protect older Americans and others at high risk.

Rebuild and expand defenses to predict, prevent, and mitigate pandemic threats, including those coming from China.

Implement mask mandates nationwide by working with governors and mayors and by asking the American people to do what they do best: step up in a time of crisis.

Here’s the details for the last point, mandating masks:

Experts agree that tens of thousands of lives can be saved if Americans wear masks. President-elect Biden will continue to call on:

Every American to wear a mask when they are around people outside their household.
Every Governor to make that mandatory in their state.
Local authorities to also make it mandatory to buttress their state orders.

Once we succeed in getting beyond this pandemic, we must ensure that the millions of Americans who suffer long-term side effects from COVID don’t face higher premiums or denial of health insurance because of this new pre-existing condition. The Biden-Harris Administration will work to ensure that the protections for those with pre-existing conditions that were won with Obamacare are protected. And, they will work to lower health care costs and expand access to quality, affordable health care through a Medicare-like public option.

I’m looking forward to having the adults be in charge again.