by Brandon Butler
Fry’s is out of business 2/23/2021

KRON 4, ‘Fry’s Electronics permanently closing all stores nationwide‘:

Fry’s Electronics is going out of business.

KRON4 has confirmed that the iconic Bay Area retailer is permanently closing the doors of all stores nationwide.

Apparently today was Fry’s last day. Their social media pages are down, and the website will be gone at midnight tonight.

The last time I went to Fry’s was in early 2020: I had heard rumors they were getting close to going out of business and I wanted to take one last walk among the motherboards. The place was deserted. Almost no employees, almost nothing for sale, and maybe three customers — myself included — on a Sunday afternoon. Entire asiles of shelves were empty. And this was long before the world shut down because of COVID-19. Fry’s has been on life support for years; I’m only surprised that it’s taken this long for them to finally pull the plug.

I was never a huge fan of Fry’s. It was packed full of treasure, sure, but it sucked being treated like a shoplifter every time you left the store. Remember how they’d stop you and check your receipt? Yeah, I usually didn’t stop, just a friendly wave and keep on walking. What could they do? It was always a crappy customer experience, but nothing else had anywhere close to the variety of inventory. You know, except New Egg. And Amazon.

The Verge has more more details on the closure.