by Brandon Butler
Google’s iOS apps are reporting they’re out of date because Google refuses to update the apps due to Apple’s privacy labels 2/10/2021

Spencer Dailey on Google’s apps self-reporting they are out of date:

Amid Apple pushing mandatory privacy labels, Google is stalling on releasing updates for its iOS apps. Yet Google itself is now telling users that their own apps are out of date.[…]

About an hour ago, I opened my Gmail app to find that some of my accounts had been logged out. When I tried logging back in, Google informed me that “This app is out of date.” Indeed! […]

After saying “This app is out of date”, its warning goes on to say “You should update this app.” We can’t. “The version you’re using doesn’t include the latest security features to keep you protected. Only continue if you understand the risks.” […]

John Gruber at Daring Fireball:

The question is why Google doesn’t just do what Facebook did, and cop to all of it, even if it’s a bad look to have a privacy nutrition label as long as an unspooled roll of toilet paper. Facebook’s nutrition labels being very long, but published on time, seemingly confirmed what we all suspected: that Facebook collects a breathtaking amount of data about the users of its apps. The way Google is handling this makes it look like (a) they have something to hide, (b) they were caught unprepared despite the fact Apple announced this policy back in June, or (c) both.

You know when you’re at the store and there’s some poor kid having a total meltdown? And he’s crying and crying, and it keeps on going, and he starts to choke on his own crying, and after a while you’re pretty sure that kid has entirely forgotten what he was crying about, but he’s still crying just to cry?

I’m sure this thing with Google is nothing like that. Anyways, the initial issue with the apps reporting they’re out of date has since been fixed by a sneaky server side update from Google, but the apps themselves have still not been updated on the App Store. The whole ordeal is still a little funny, but it’s starting to get a little pathetic, and in another month it’s just going to be cringeworthy.