by Brandon Butler
Hamilton Will Be Censored (Slightly) on Disney+ 6/23/2020

Julia Alexander for The Verge:

Creator Lin-Manuel Miranda announced on Monday that in order to bring [Hamilton] to Disney Plus, he and his team had to come up with ways of eliminating the offending word. They ended up muting the “fuck” in “I get the fuck back up again” during “Yorktown (The World Turned Upside Down),” and covered another use of the word with a record scratch in the lyric “Southern motherfucking Democratic Republicans” in “Washington On Your Side.”

In February, Manuel also told The New York Times’ Kyle Buchanan that if they had to “mute a word here or there to reach the largest audience possible, I’m okay with that, because your kids already have the original language memorized,” adding that he didn’t “think we’re depriving anyone of anything if we mute an f-bomb here or there to make our rating.”

I wanted to link to The Verge article here because Julia Alexander provides some spot-on context for how a PG-13 or R rating is determined by the MPAA. Disney won’t allow anything higher than a PG-13 rating on the streaming service (although it’s fine that there are pistol duels and people dying and affairs). Other than dropping these two “fucks” from the film, the entire Broadway production will be here on July 3rd.

And here’s the trailer (via YouTube).