by Brandon Butler
HBO Max is coming to Roku, just in time for Christmas aka Wonder Woman 12/16/2020

Greg Kumparak at TechCrunch:

It took an unusually long time, but HBO Max is set to launch on Roku devices tomorrow.

Roku users make up a massive chunk of the cord-cutting market, so the absence of an HBO Max app for Roku nearly seven months after the service launched was pretty glaring. We’d been wondering where the Max app was for months, its launch seemingly tied up over the matter of where and how customers could subscribe.

With “Wonder Woman 1984” set to debut on Max in just a few weeks, one can assume there was tremendous pressure all around to get the deal done. As part of the deal, Roku users will be able to sign up for HBO Max using Roku’s built-in payment system, Roku Pay.

Guessing Warner gave in to Roku’s payment demands, but this little argument went on for way too long: I already bought, wrapped, and mailed a Fire Stick to my parents. Roku missed the boat on new activations this year.