by Brandon Butler
I only wake up before 5 am for Disneyland and new iPhones 10/16/2020

My day today started at 4:30 am — about four hours earlier than usual — for the annual iPhone pre-order event. I haven’t put myself through the stress of pre-ordering a new iPhone in a couple of years; I usually decide I don’t want a new iPhone this year, then see the new phones are on sale, then decide I want one. This year I just cut out all the middle will-I/won’t-I nonsense and bought a Pacific Blue iPhone 12 Pro.

I gotta say, the pre-order process this year didn’t suck.

I used the iPhone Apple Store app to setup my PacBlu pre-order a day ago. I opted for the SIMless model (see “And Verizon”, below) and 128 gigerbytes. I put it on my Apple Card with the new 24 month, 0% financing, which I’m told I can pay off early at anytime. With my pre-order saved, I got into bed early. About 4:59 am I opened the app and was greeted with a little note that I was early and to get some sleep. Hm.

At almost exactly five the app refreshed and showed me it was getting a few things finalized.

About a minute later, the app showed me my pre-order, ready to pay for. I made sure my shipping and billing was right and slammed that Pay button. I got a confirmation my iPhone will arrive Friday, October 23rd, and then I went back to the store and picked up a few MagSafe accessories. Now we wait.

I never got back to sleep after that, and instead about twenty minutes later was playing Mario Galaxy (I’m just a few purple comets from 120 Stars).

And Verizon: I saw on Twitter that the no-SIM option allows you to swap the SIM from your old iPhone into your new iPhone and avoid the “activation fee” from the carriers. Last year I called Verizon and very nicely asked them to refund me that activation. The rep had no problem crediting my account. It’s an especially ballsy $40 for Verizon to tack onto their customer’s bills, as they don’t do anything to earn that quad-Hamilton. I’m hoping the SIM swap works and I don’t have to deal with Verizon customer service this year. Emoji fingers crossed.

I’m really liking that e-commerce has grown up enough so a bunch of nerds can buy something all at the same time and a server somewhere doesn’t burst into flames.