by Brandon Butler
Idiots Going to the Movies 8/26/2020

Manori Ravindran for Variety, ‘’We’ll Do Anything to See ‘Tenet”: Meet the Fans Taking Flights for Christopher Nolan’s Latest’:

Though 65% of cinemas across the globe are now open, according to Gower Street Analytics, some international fans keen to see rare 70MM IMAX screenings of the film, and Americans in states with shuttered movie theaters […] are willing to cross state and country lines to be among the first to see “Tenet” on the big screen. […]

Another Los Angeles-based fan set to take flight for “Tenet,” who spoke to Variety on the condition of anonymity, likens the experience to “Star Wars” fans camping out for tickets, or Apple users queueing for new iPhones. “It’s stupid, yes,” says the 30-year-old university administrator who’s flying to Salt Lake City over a long weekend, “but it’s something I’m interested in.”

Except those camping out for Star Wars tickets or new iPhones weren’t doing it during a deadly pandemic. I’ve stood in long lines at Disneyland because that’s something I’m interested in; the difference is this anonymous idiot is risking the continued spread of this life-threatening disease at a time when a thousand Americans are dying every day.

Chris Nolan should be asshamed of himself for encouraging this behavior.