by Brandon Butler
Investor group pushes Twitter to “innovate” by coping crummy features from Facebook 11/18/2020

Sarah Perez for TechCrunch:

Twitter this morning is launching its own version of Stories — aka “Fleets” — to its global user base. The product, which allows users to post ephemeral content that disappears in 24 hours, had already rolled out to select markets […].

Things have been changing in recent months, following activities by activist investor Elliott Management Group, which took a sizable stake in Twitter earlier this year, along with Silver Lake. The firms did so with a plan to push the company for more innovation and new executive leadership. (The companies later struck a deal to spare Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey’s ousting, gain board seats, and put someone on the board with expertise in technology and artificial intelligence.) […]

At the time of Elliott’s campaign, Twitter’s lack of Stories had been referenced by some reports as an area where the company had fallen behind social media rivals in terms of innovation.

I haven’t seen a “Fleet” yet as I use Tweetbot for Twitter on the Mac and iPhone; if I am opening the Twitter website train-wreck it is by mistake or a direct link. But I did purposefully check the website and couldn’t find them, so maybe they haven’t rolled out to me, yet. Or are they only available on the mobile app? It doesn’t matter to me, Fleets doesn’t interest me.

It sounds like Twitter is being run by committee or being heavily influenced by this investor group, which is the worst way to run a company. If this investor group thinks “innovation” is poorly coping disliked features other social platforms created five years ago, then I guess they must be thrilled with the results.