by Brandon Butler
iPad’s tiny problems add up to big limitations 3/2/2021

Samuel Axon for Ars Technica:

But while we’ve found in our iPadOS reviews that Apple has done a marvelous job with the big-picture changes to the OS aimed at making it real-work friendly, there are still a bunch of minor annoyances or “nope, you can’t do that” limitations that sabotage Apple’s intentions.

For that reason, it makes sense to preempt that upcoming marketing push with a few key caveats—especially since Apple likely won’t announce a major iPadOS software update alongside new hardware in March. Significant new OS changes probably won’t be discussed until the company’s developer conference in June, and those updates probably won’t reach the public until September or October.

Most of these are tiny problems, but they add up. iPads won’t be a real laptop replacement for everyone until most of these issues are addressed.

I love having a touchscreen on the iPad, but I need real (or better? different?) multitasking. I might be working across two or three apps on a blog post (or more on a feature) and iPadOS just makes it too difficult to get around between apps. The iPad I have has something like 8 cores in it but it can’t run multiple apps? And the Files app is not a file system replacement, and it was never supposed to be one. It’s great as a little app, but it’s terrible as a file manager, and I want a file manager. Of course, this is all by design: Apple choose simplicity over power with iPadOS, and either iPad users learn to deal with the limitations, or they’ll do what I did — give up and go back to the Mac.