by Brandon Butler
Jessica is an Asshole 9/15/2020

Albert Burneko, with another good one from the new Defector, ‘Be On Time For Things‘:

Here’s something Jessica V. says in the Slate blog:

I have no need to try to be on time for most things. I embrace the orderlessness.

I want to leave room for the possibility that Jessica is being funny, here; that she is winking; that she is making a joke out of her tardiness by framing it as some kind of conscious life choice. The way that, when someone points out that you have a glob of food stuck to your chin, you might make a joke out of it by saying, “I’m saving that for later.” The alternative—the absolute only alternative—is that Jessica is an asshole. A shorter and infinitely more honest way for her to express the above sentiment would be to say “I am an asshole.”

One hundred percent agree.