by Brandon Butler
Joe Biden Defeats Donald Trump 11/7/2020

With five million more votes than the incumbent, Joe Biden wins the 2020 presidential election. What an absolute relief. It feels like an obese, angry man has been sitting on my chest for the past four years and has finally stood up. It feels like I can breathe again. All of us can breathe again.

Kamala Harris has also become Vice President, and as such becomes the first woman and woman of color to fill the role.

President-elect Biden has a lot of work to do. This country is badly broken, and let’s be honest with ourselves, it can’t be healed in just the next four years. The damage Trump and his lackeys in the GOP has done will last for a generation, but now we can start the process of fixing this country. But tonight, let’s just celebrate this first victory in a safe and socially distanced manner.

We are going to be okay.