by Brandon Butler
Nudging the iPad forward 11/26/2020

Becky Hansmeyer, on the iPad side of the Apple Silicon transition:

Power and performance aren’t the bottleneck for iPad, and haven’t been for some time. So if raw power isn’t enough, and new display tech isn’t enough, where does the iPad go from here? Will it be abandoned once more, lagging behind the Mac in terms of innovation, or will Apple continue to debut its latest tech in this form factor? Is it headed toward functional parity with the Mac or will it always be hamstrung by Apple’s strict App Store policies and seemingly inconsistent investment in iPadOS?

It’s clear that Apple wants the iPad Pro to be a device that a wide variety of professionals can use to get work done. And since so many people use web apps for their work, the introduction of “desktop” Safari for iPad was an important step toward that goal. The Magic Keyboard and trackpad was another step.

Here are ten more steps I believe Apple could and should take to help nudge the iPad into this exciting next era of computing.

Every one of her bullet points is a good suggestion, but in my daily use of the iPad the sticking point was the lack of fast, easy, and natural multitasking. When writing, I like to have multiple windows and tabs open for research and reference, and juggling all of that on the iPad just left me frustrated. I’ve mainly reduced my iPad Pro to a consumption device, and while that suits my needs for now, I’d love to see the iPad be allowed to be more.