by Brandon Butler
Own Your Website 5/18/2020

David Perell via Twitter:

Own your distribution. 

If you write online, focus on these two platforms:

1) Email

2) Websites

He says, “Invest in the long-term,” and that’s essentially what I’ve been doing with Pizza Emoji. Everything I’ve made with Pizza Emoji, from the writing to the PHP code, is mine.

I considered originally going with something off-the-shelf or hosted, like Medium, but decided I wanted a unique look and to own my content.

Today, I re-wrote the Archive page. It’s not the way I imagined it — I want it divided by months, but I don’t know how to do that, yet — but the site as a whole is improving nicely. And it’s only been a website for (counts on fingers) eight and a half months!

My next struggle is with the RSS feed. I still don’t have a reliable backend that supports taking my latest post and adding it to an XML file. Know someone who knows how to do this? Get in touch, I’d love the help.

Once I find a way to update the RSS feed when I make a post, I’ll start to feel confident in telling people about the site. (Pizza Emoji is still a bit of an underground operation.)

Even when I struggle with weird CSS issues or have to update my linux server, I still know I’m happier writing on my own site than I would be anywhere else. (You know, unless TechCrunch or Polygon or Ars Technica comes knocking…)