by Brandon Butler
Petaluma says “nope” to new gas stations 3/1/2021

Jennifer Kingson for Axios:

Petaluma, California, has voted to outlaw new gas stations, the first of what climate activists hope will be numerous cities and counties to do so. […]

Why it matters: Expect more such ordinances, particularly in liberal towns. Grassroots groups are popping up with the mission of spreading this type of ban and forcing pollution cleanups at existing gas stations. […]

In Petaluma — where neighborhood opposition to a new Safeway gas station prompted years of litigation — the council voted unanimously last week to move forward with a permanent ban on new stations; a final vote will happen Monday. […]

I grew up in the North Bay; I’m not at all surprised to see this news coming out of Petaluma. I remember the town as mostly farms and a pretty nice movie theater. These days it’s huge homes and Teslas. And the town already has sixteen gas stations — they really don’t need more.