by Brandon Butler
[email protected] is Shutting Down 3/4/2020

John Timmer reporting at Ars Technica on the announcement that [email protected] is shutting down:

The [email protected]’s project page describes the reason for the shutdown simply. Over the years, home users have done so much processing that the team now has a large backlog of processed data to analyze. So, the researchers are de-prioritizing the management of the data distribution and focusing instead on looking at what has already been done in the hope of getting their analysis published in an academic journal. As a result, no more work units will be distributed after the end of March.

Seriously, who didn’t run [email protected] at one time or another on their PC? I once found a guy at an office I worked in who was hoarding old PCs and using them solely to run [email protected] full time. He had 4 or 5 simultaneous sessions running. Management just shrugged and told me to leave him be.