by Brandon Butler
Stan Lee shares the most useful word in the English language 12/6/2020

Jason Kottke at

This is a lovely little animated video made from a recording of Stan Lee where he declares that the f-word is “probable the most useful word in the English language”.

Stan Lee was such a delightful person. A personal story: I got to meet him once. He came to a comic book shop in my town when I was about 11 or 12 and I had him sign his Marvel trading card. At some point over the years I lost that card, because as a kid I had no idea just how amazing the man was or how much I’d regret losing that card. I don’t remember the conversation we had; it was probably Stan asking me who my favorite superhero was, and hopefully me answering Spider-Man (and not something from DC) and him giving me that great big smile, and me being a dumb shy kid, just mumbling thanks and missing the opportunity to say anything meaningful. I know Stan Lee had plenty of enthusiastic fans in his life, I just wish I could have been one of them when I had the chance. If I had to list my mistakes in life, losing his card is right up there with not teaching myself to program in high school and not trying out for the annual musical in middle school. I am so fucking sorry, Stan.