by Brandon Butler
Startup wants to measure your blood pressure with just your smartphone 3/18/2021

Natasha Mascarenhas for TechCrunch:

Riva Health, founded by scientist Tuhin Sinha and Siri co-founder Dag Kittlaus, wants to help people measure their blood pressure in a clinically-approved way. Blood pressure can help indicate at-risk patients before they are actually at risk, showing early signs of heart disease. And while other hardware solutions on the market promise the same end-goal, Riva wants to be a purely software solution that integrates with hardware that it thinks its end-user has anyways: their smartphone. […]

To use Riva, all a person needs to do is open the app on their phone and tap ‘Go’, which triggers the camera flash on the back of the phone. The app will then guide the user to place their finger over the right camera, and help them adjust positioning until it locks into place. After that, Riva will use the light to track blood pressure change and create a rendering of it on screen.

I am highly skeptical of any camera and flashlight scan to determine health, but high blood pressure is the silent killer for good reason. If Riva has a reliable way to determine hypertension in an app, it could raise awareness and save lives.