by Brandon Butler
Super Nintendo World makes fan art canon 2/9/2021

Kyle Orland for Ars Technica points out that a bit of artwork from a Super Mario fan-made game has appeared in Super Nintendo World in Japan:

Twitter user meatball123 was among the first to notice the uncanny similarity after seeing a cactus decoration in the background of a video for the park’s Yoshi’s Adventure ride. The specific three-pronged design of the cactus in that video doesn’t look like anything seen in an official Mario game, but it does match almost precisely the background cacti found in World 2 of Newer Super Mario Bros. Wii, a fan-made mod released in 2013. […]

Super Nintendo World’s apparent use of an original fangame asset takes on some added irony given Nintendo’s strict stance on fangames in general. In recent years, the company has issued numerous DMCA takedown notices for fangames—and even some of the tools used to build them. The cactus discovery also comes a month after a fan found his personal 3D rendering of Mario being used on the Super Nintendo World website.

That’s gotta be an embarrassment to Nintendo, and I’m betting that cactus is gone in a week. Nintendo has restricted players from live streaming their gameplays and is a master at the DMCA takedown for fan-made games. Nintendo famously took down the Mario Battle Royal game, then a year later released their own version of it on the Switch. I’m not a fan of how Nintendo treats it’s fans — I find it difficult to say positive things about a company that abuses their fanbase — but now they’re just stealing work of their fans? That’s just dishonorable.