by Brandon Butler
Tenet Movie Delayed 2 Weeks By Warner Bros. 6/12/2020

Rebecca Rubin for Variety, ‘‘Tenet,’ ‘Wonder Woman 1984’ Push Back Theatrical Releases’:

“Tenet,” Christopher Nolan’s highly anticipated espionage thriller, has pushed back its theatrical debut by two weeks, ending months of speculation about whether or not the $200 million tentpole would hold onto its mid-July release date.

Two weeks. What was the thought process at Warner Bros. on a two week delay? The original release date for Tenet was July 17th — if that date sounds suspiciously familiar, it’s the same date selected to re-open Disneyland and DCA.

Warner also announced that on July 17th they’ll be re-releasing Nolan’s previous blockbuster, Inception, which also happens to be the film’s tenth anniversary. (Seems like a lot happens on July 17th. Could be a glitch in the matrix.) Releasing Inception would make for a good barometer of sorts in testing audience interest in leaving their houses to see a movie.

I can’t imagine that Warner Bros. is naive enough to believe that COVID-19 is suddenly going to disappear from the US population in those extra two weeks, and I am still furious at Christopher Nolan for pushing so hard for his movie to be released next month. He genuinely seems more concerned for his movie than for the lives of his “fans” and fellow movie goers.

I’ve never hoped for a movie to bomb as much as I hope Tenet does, only because a financial flop means Americans were smart enough to stay home.

Wonder Woman 1984 is also seeing a big delay, from August 14th to October 2nd, but why? If Warner Bros. is confident enough in forcing Tenet into theaters in July, why delay WW84? I can only imagine they’re not expecting enough people to actually go to the theater to fill all the available seats for two films, so they’re giving audiences one movie at a time. They could also be trying to stack the deck in Nolan’s favor by making Tenet the only ticket in town.

Of course, if this country had competent leadership we wouldn’t be prioritizing movie theaters over the lives of our citizens.