by Brandon Butler
That MCU Feeling 12/15/2020

Julia Alexander at The Verge, on the lack of Marvel movies in 2020:

In a year where I feel more disconnected from people than ever, where I’m searching for community from the confines of a tiny studio apartment, not having that quintessential part of normalcy — sitting in a theater and watching the couple of Marvel movies that come out every year — feels enormous.

The absence of Marvel movies is the absence of a very specific kind of excitement. Living within the confines of our new normal for the last 10 months means trying to find little things to look forward to every week. A new show on a streaming service helps or a Zoom catch-up with family who can’t visit. But it doesn’t replace the physicality of community or the excitement of leaving home to experience something people may have been waiting on for several months. In 2020, a year filled with death and travesty at the worst of times and mindless boredom at the best of times, the absence of unbridled anticipation was tough to swallow.

I’m always saying how bad the theater experience is, but I’ll admit that you can’t beat an opening night at a Marvel flick. There’s some real magic in those theaters, with those audiences. Black Widow opening night is going to be one hell of a night.