by Brandon Butler
The FBI is Asking Apple for the Impossible, Again 1/8/2020

And speaking of law enforcement, Devlin Barrett at The Washington Post reports on the FBI’s request for access to an encrypted iPhone used in a mass shooting last month:

On Monday, the FBI’s general counsel Dana Boente wrote a letter to Apple’s top lawyer, Katherine Adams, seeking the tech giant’s assistance.

“Even though the shooter is dead, the FBI, out of an abundance of caution, has secured court authorization to search the contents of the phones in order to exhaust all leads in this high priority national security investigation,” Boente wrote.

The FBI knows Apple is unable to access the device. Apple has provided the FBI with the data from the iCloud account, but this is all Apple is technically able to do.

At this point, the FBI is running a smear campaign against Apple and encryption technology. They’re trying to sway public opinion against encryption so they can get public and congressional support to force companies to create backdoors and give the government total access to our digital lives.

Update: John Gruber has a similar take on this over at Daring Fireball. I’m glad I’m not the only one with this theory on the FBI’s war against encryption.