by Brandon Butler
The FOX News cancel culture meltdown 3/2/2021

Aaron Rupar for Vox:

On Tuesday morning and into the afternoon, programming on Fox News and Fox Business ceaselessly harped upon the purported “cancellation” of legendary children’s author Theodor Geisel, better known as Dr. Seuss, as the latest example of woke liberalism run amok — conveniently ignoring the fact that Dr. Seuss has not, in fact, been canceled.

VOX has the whole brouhaha on FOX News’s cancel culture meltdown, which of course is all a bunch of dumb noise. And all of this is happening on FOX News and no where else, because it’s easier for FOX News to rile up their/Trump’s base with anger than it is to talk about the half million dead on Trump’s watch from the devastating COVID-19 pandemic, the millions who lost jobs during Trump’s presidency, the violent Capitol insurrection that Trump led, and the fact that GOP Senators are fighting hard to prevent sending a measly $1400 to the lower and middle classes — money that Trump actually wanted to send out!