by Brandon Butler
“The goddamn pandemic that remains out of control” 10/4/2020

The Hollywood Reporter:

Following the delay of more Hollywood tentpoles — including James Bond film No Time to Die — mega-movie theater chain Cineworld, the second largest exhibitor globally after AMC, is planning to temporarily close or keep shut all of its locations in the U.K. and the U.S., The Hollywood Reporter has confirmed. […]

Disney and Pixar’s Soul is likewise expected to scrub its Thanksgiving 2020 release, leaving exhibitors without major fall tentpoles following the delay of No Time to Die, Wonder Woman 1894 and Black Widow. Without fresh titles on the marquee, it will be tough to win over already-wary consumers.

John Gruber at Daring Fireball:

This framing is backwards and broken. The cause of movie theaters’ problems isn’t the lack of tentpole movies in the cinema. The cause is the goddamn pandemic that remains out of control. Almost no one would go to a movie theater amidst this, and no one should. You can’t successfully release a blockbuster theatrically in a pandemic, and you can’t have movie theaters without blockbusters. Ergo theaters need to remain closed. Jesus.

Gruber gets it. This isn’t a lack of movies — this is a lack of leadership by a man who is now sickened from his own incompetence. THR has followed up on their reporting with the headline: ‘Halloween Classic ‘Hocus Pocus’ Nearly Beats ‘Tenet’ as Box Office Recovery Collapses‘. (Although, if we’re being honest, who’s risking their lives to see Hocus Pocus in theaters?)