by Brandon Butler
The LastPass free option is now unusable 2/17/2021

Jon Porter for The Verge:

LastPass is adding new restrictions to its free subscription tier starting March 16th that’ll only allow users to view and manage passwords on one category of devices: mobile or computer. Mobile users will be limited to iOS and Android phones, iPads, Android tablets, and smartwatches. Computer subscribers will be able to use their passwords from Windows, macOS, and Linux desktops and laptops, the LastPass browser extension, and Windows tablets.

Me, a few months ago, while praising password manager 1Password:

LastPass has a nice design and something 1Password doesn’t: a free tier. But 1Password does have a full featured 30-day trial, and regardless of which password manager you go with, you should be paying for it.

Paying for your password manager means you are very unlikely to ever lose access to your passwords. Apps and programs, and especially cloud services, can come and go in a blink, but the ones that persist are the ones that make a profit and continue to pay their server bills. If you find the password manager useful and necessary — and I believe you will — pay for it.

LastPass should have done what 1Password does: give people a free 30-day trial of the full service. Whittling away at the service your customers use is certain to drive them off to a competitor. And believe me, there are better password managers than LastPass. If you sign up for 1Password, tell ’em Pizza Emoji sent you and they’ll be very confused.