by Brandon Butler
The Multi-SKU Creator 11/26/2020

Hunter Walk on The Multi-SKU Creator:

Much of the discussion around the sustainability of this movement is focused on the math of converting readers (or followers) to paying subscribers. […] And while this framing isn’t wrong, it’s very incomplete. It’s my belief that very few “Substack writers” will make 100% of their income from their newsletter and this won’t be a failure of the platforms but instead related to the nature of creation itself. Enter, the Multi-SKU Creator.

I’ve been thinking a lot about this over the last few weeks, and Walk’s conclusion for writers makes sense. And I don’t think it’s reasonable to assume every writer can make money behind a paywall because I don’t think it’s reasonable to expect every reader to sign up for twenty different $10/month newsletters. Readers will run out of money or time trying to read all of these newsletters. I keep hearing how every new newsletter is great or essential, but if I signed up for every one of these newsletters I’d just be reading emails for eight hours straight. I think that’s a challenge that needs to be solved, but I also think that creates an opportunity for writers to find ways to reach an audience that is curious but not committed to reading every word they’re writing each day.